The Klinkhamer…

Most of you know Hans Van Klinken and his flies. His designs are a staple in many fly boxes. One of his best flies is The Klinkhamer. I tie this fly in a bunch of different variants. I wanted to present a few of them in this post. The fly can imitate many different insects and it can play the role of an attractor.
Depending on size and style of tying you can freely experiment with this pattern.

Here is the more standard version with a thinly dubbed body. This works as a mayfly.


If you tie it with a more scruffy and bulky body it functions as a caddis emerger.


Here is one of my own variants. I use it during hatches of some of the larger mayflies in Norway.


A few years ago while sitting on the banks of the river Rena in Norway I tied The Red Tag Klink. It works extremely well as an attractor for grayling.


Here with a peacock quill body. In small sizes this is a good midge fly.


Here with a ribbing of organza to mimic the hatching caddis.

Once & Away…



This a pattern designed by Hans Van Klinken. He has named it Once & Away. I find it to be a great emerger pattern and I love the use of peacock herl in the thorax. He originally uses peccary for the body, but I had to use rooster quills. The peccary makes the fly look a lot nicer though. Also he uses Partridge GRST 15ST. Any curved hook will do the job…