There are thousands of variants of the Wooly Bugger out there. Here is one more. I tie this one for sea trout. This pattern is essential in your box. This post is also a test using the ipad for photos. It’s not a real sbs, but I want to see if it works.

Tie in a good bunch of marabou. Adjust the lenght and tie in a piece of mono (thin). The mono will be used for securing the hackle later. I use mottled marabou for this one. Thread is red UNI. 

Prepare the hackle as shown in here. I use a hackle from the back of a grizzly-neck.

Tie the hackle tip down and secure with some varnish. 

Dub the body with dubbing of choice. I use uv ice dubbing here. Remember to leave room for the eyes in front. Tie in the bead chain eyes.

Wrap the hackle evenly and follow with the mono. Try not to tie down to many hackle fibers. It can be fixed later, but still. I use epoxy for the head of the fly.

The Soft Hackle Streamer…

The Soft Hackle Streamer is very simple to tie. Just make sure the marabou you are using has very thin stems. This makes it easier to wind around the hook. I use large mallard feathers as a collar hackle and a few strands of pearl. The fly was originally created by the great Jack Gartside.



Goby,or kutling in norwegian,is an important food source for the sea-trout here in Scandinavia. There are about 2000 species of these in the world. These are small fish,and normally they are up to 10cm in lenght. They are abundant and the fish eats them willingly. Imitations of these small fish do not have to be very sophisticated. This one is basically a zonker style fly,made with a mix of spun squirrel and opposum dubbing. I find the most important feature of this fly is weight. It needs to be heavy and sink fast. By using lead/tungsten wire combined with materials that draws water you will achieve this easily. I will go fishing today,and maybe if I am lucky there will be some pictures in the next post…

Kutling 2

Kutling 1

ABU Optic – A streamer of tremendous killing power…

Abu Opti Streamer

Back in the days when fly tying was still a bit mystical here in Scandinavia Abu launched this streamer. Bead chain-eyes was a revolution. I remember tying a lot of these for a customer in the 80`s. He prefered it in hot orange and gold. I caught quite a few fish on it myself. Today fly tyers can create super-realistic creations and we have a wast amount of materials to choose from. Back then there were not a single bead chain left in any office around town. I targeted the post office for the most part myself. Simplicity works…besides they have cool names!


I believe this is from a late 70`s or early 80`s catalogue (ABU)