The Return of The Flymph…

There is a lot of talk about flymphs on different blogs these days, so I thought I´d join in. Flymphs was an important part of my early years of tying. Soft-hackles, spiders & flymphs are all easy to tie, they are simple and beautiful flies. The term flymphs was introduced by Vernon S.”Pete” Hidy. I got my introduction from the great swedish tyer Lennart Bergquist. I have not fished them that much the last seasons. Depending on size and colour this fly may imitate several hatching insects. I enjoy the sense of belonging to a tradition I get when I fish these flies. There is a certain ancient aura to them. They are also very easy and cheap to tie, so they are great for a beginner. I also found this great site about flymphs,spiders and soft-hackles:

The flies pictured here are the ones that are going to fill a corner of my box this summer:


Possum Flymph


Quill Flymph


Black & Red Flymph


Hare´s Ear Flymph