Classic Buzzer…

Spring fishing means midges all over the place. Both the the adults and the pupaes are cool imitations to fish. The fish, even the small ones, can be extremely selective and difficult. I did a post on these some time ago, but I wanted to present them again. This pattern has always been in my boxes. Besides being one of the first flies I learned to tie, it is also one of my most fished patterns. The colors presented here are my two favourites. The green one seems to be the best in my local waters.This one rarely fails on rising trout…in our times of UV domination, on all kinds of flies, this really is an old school pattern.


1. Tie in some strands of clear antron. Do not cut the ends at this point.


2. Tie in the copper thread and the floss.


3. Wind the floss around the hook shank. Follow with the copper in nice turns as a ribbing.

Floss Midge

4. Tie in two strands of peacock herl to form the thorax. Whip-finish and varnish.

Midge Red

Floss Buzzer Red…

Sunday distractions…

The Purple

The Yellow

The Zulu

 The Traditional

Mr. M.Fauvet aka. the limp cobra constantly posts photos of all his very cool spiders and wet flies. This distracts my daily tying routine. I really enjoy this style of flies,but I do not have the time. I do not have the same cool hooks (yet),but I get inspired every time. Here is a few attempts in the art of wet flies. Thanks Marc!

I am planning on doing a series of tradtional wet flies this autumn. I want to focus mainly on norwegian classics.