Nelson & Mikulak…


The Mikulak Sedge


Nelson Caddis (Elk Hair style)


My “original” Nelson Caddis. Wing made from norwegian roe deer.

The last few days a number of people have found my site searching for the Nelson Caddis. My earlier post on this fly has a tiny photo,so I thought it would be good with a new one. The Nelson is a great pattern for the larger caddis. It works on both stillwater and running water. I am not sure of the origin of this fly,but the style of the wing makes me think of some steelhead patterns I’ve seen. While browsing the net the other day I came across a very similar pattern named Mikulak Sedge. The creator of this pattern is a canadian named Art Mikulak. He created the fly in the 70’s. He cuts the hackle top and bottom,ties in a tail and uses seal’s fur for the body. He also leaves a stub of the elk hair in the front,like on the Elk Hair Caddis. This style of fly is very durable altough it takes time to tie compared to other caddis/sedge patterns.

Deer Hair & Caddis to go…

These are two of the best imitations for adult caddis in my box. The Elk Hair Caddis is famous all over the world and works extremly well. The other pattern,Nelson Caddis, is not in that many fly boxes. In my time I have seen it only a few times in the boxes of other tyers. I use this one for the larger caddis and when river fishing. It floats very well and the fish love it. I have lots of good memories with fly…It deserves to be fished!

Burn after tying…

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Some find it hard to secure the thread when tying muddlers or in this case the Streaking Caddis. The Streaking Caddis was created by the swedish master Lennart Bergquist. It is probably the most popular imitation for large caddis in Scandinavia.

I sometimes cut the tip of a plastic glove and use it to hide the deer hair. The photos are not shown in the right order in the slideshow. Sorry! You´ll understand anyway.

I must have tied thousands of this pattern. To make it a bit easier I use a lighter to burn the head into shape rather than use scissors. It  is much faster, but it gives of a strange smell! After a little practice you can shape the head in any form you like. I use this technique on all deer hair flies. Just brush the remains of the head after burning…