There are thousands of variants of the Wooly Bugger out there. Here is one more. I tie this one for sea trout. This pattern is essential in your box. This post is also a test using the ipad for photos. It’s not a real sbs, but I want to see if it works.

Tie in a good bunch of marabou. Adjust the lenght and tie in a piece of mono (thin). The mono will be used for securing the hackle later. I use mottled marabou for this one. Thread is red UNI. 

Prepare the hackle as shown in here. I use a hackle from the back of a grizzly-neck.

Tie the hackle tip down and secure with some varnish. 

Dub the body with dubbing of choice. I use uv ice dubbing here. Remember to leave room for the eyes in front. Tie in the bead chain eyes.

Wrap the hackle evenly and follow with the mono. Try not to tie down to many hackle fibers. It can be fixed later, but still. I use epoxy for the head of the fly.


img_3372I presented this in one of my older posts. When I get my camera situation sorted I will do a sbs.

This is a swedish pattern created for high altitude fishing. The materials you need are squirrel and a hackle. It looks like a mess, but the fish will go crazy on summer evenings. I usually tie this in all natural colors.

Tying again…

I am starting to enjoy tying again. I am even tying some for sale this year. I have been tying for almost 34 years so it’s just natural to tire from it sometimes. I’m getting old and grumpy maybe, but I also dislike the “look I can glue a fly” thing, and all the synthetics/plastics that dominates many tiers nowadays. I even use these materials in my own tying, but as little as I can. I mean, there’s a lot of great, skilled and highly talented people out there. I also see a lot of people who should have attented good courses in the art of fly tying.

Well, time for The Undertaker…

Something for the sea…

Hello again! I’m still here despite the silence on the blog. Last summer I spent summer in my caravan by the sea.

I have not done much fishing except bait fishing with the kid. This spring I plan to hunt for sea trout wich are abundant in the area. Here I present a well known pattern in Scandinavia called Vaskebjørn. It is originally tied with a red point and  using spey hackle,but any other long fibered hackle will do.  

My camera and other stuff got lost during the summer. I will post more when it can be replaced.