DIY Strike Indicator…

Strike 5

Strike indicators do not cost much, and they are easy to get. The reason for me making my own is simple. I do not use this technique very much. Here are a few photos of the process. You can use any kind of yarn, but a poly yarn would probably be best. Secure the thread with varnish, glue or UV. Then dip them in some good floatant.

Strike 1

Strike 2


Strike 4

Barrio Fly Lines…

Barrio Fly 2A few days ago I ordered three lines from Barrio Fly Lines, and today I recieved a package. Inside there were three nicely packaged fly lines. There was also a hand-written letter from Mike himself. When did you last see something like that? I find this so nice and rare I had to do a post on it. Such a nice gesture…

I must note that this is my first encounter with Barrio lines, but I am really looking forward to get them on the water. Reviews from sources that I trust sounds promising. Besides they look and feel great as well, not to mention the price range. I will also post a review sometime in the future…Thanks and best wishes to you, Mike:)

Check out Mike´s shop here:

A help from the dentist…

This is actually a dentists tool. They need to be accurate in their work,much in the same way fly tyers (sometimes) need to. I use this when preparing wings for streamers and wet flies, and in particular when tying Catskill-style. The tool is not expensive and you can probably get one from your dentist. Choose from either the used or the mint condition category.

National Day…?

It is sort of tradition for me to go fishing on the national day. Today I had another excuse as well. I was testing my new Scott G2 884 for the first time. I have loaded the reel with a Scientific Angler VPT. This combination worked extremely well. The rod equals to my definition of a true fishing rod. It casts with accuracy and rolls over fairly long leaders/tippets. The presentation is excellent and the rod delivers high precision casts. It also roll casts very easy. This is not the rod to choose if you are fishing heavy nymphs or streamers. This is for delicate presentations and delicate situations. The wind blew strong at times today, but even then the combo delivered more than I expected. I should say that I am not linked to or sponsored by anyone. Looking forward to a great summer casting this beautiful rod and this great line.

I also managed to fool a small brownie. It fell for a Wiltshire Emerger.

My tying bench…

This is my bench or work station, if you like. Personally I do not like to mix fly tying with the word work. This is what it ususally looks like at the start of a tying session. It gets much worse during the day. What you see is my beloved Dyna-King vise,the Matarelli whip-finish and what I think is the best bobbin available, TMC Ceramic. I have used the same vise since 1994. I have tried to be unfaithful, but I always return.

Metal Machine…fly tying tools!

For a minute there I forgot this was a fly tying blog, not a review of L.Reed´s classic. I am really a very priviliged person. I know a lot of very creative people. I have mentioned one of them before, Kjell Karlsen, in my previous posts. He is as mentioned before a highly skilled metal worker besides being an avid fly fisherman. He has the advantage of being able to create his own tying tools when he finds something needs to be improved. He sent these photos today which is the results of his latest ideas. These are unique tools, they´re not in any way mass produced. The small white trays is made of teflon. It is put to good use when using UV-resin. Sometimes it´s better to apply the resin with a needle. These trays  is a “safe-spot” for resin and they are easy to clean afterwards. Makes sense, doesn´t it? You know, sheets or pieces of paper with glue on it, hairs, feathers, cdc, marabou and deer hair… The epoxy-era is gone and besides, these looks very nice and clean. This makes “the others” think you´re a very organized person.  I feel the fly tyer is often like a knight in the service of chaos, so every gadget that can give an impression of order and structure is a plus. Well, some of us do…I will post a picture of my tying bench soon, then you´ll understand what I mean.

The dubbing needles are sharp but has a flat point. This makes it much easier to split any kind of thread when making dubbing loops. Anyway I think they look very nice and most of all are practical tools. The dubing twister is simple, but it it has a good grip. It is made with a strong and durable spring and with enough weight to spin properly.

Remember, Kjell does this in his spare time and runs no kind of shop. He might produce and sell some  But if any of you wants to contact him, contact me.

The best rod ever…?

Every once in a while I fall in love. I mean, I am already very much in love with my girlfriend, but I am talking about a more material kind of love here. I was at a fly fair the other day where I met my new love. Her name is Scott G2 884…This is the best rod I have tested since I don´t know when! This is a true fishing rod. She made my heart beat faster and my palms sweat. Perfect for my casting style and my fishing.

I just had to order me one of these. I have dreamt about her every night since our first encounter, and I am really looking forward to taking her out on a date.