I am a flyfisherman/fly tyer based in Telemark,Norway. I have been tying and fishing for nearly 30 years.I fish for brown trout and grayling around my home or in different places in Scandinavia. I do a lot of pike fishing and saltwater fishing as well. In general I´ll try for anything with fins. I have done classes in fly tying and fly fishing over the years besides tying semi-proffesional.  I still tie flies for sale (very little) and I tie flies for all fishing situations and species

I am available for classes or workshops in fly tying. So if anyone should be interested, please get in touch with me.
This blog is completely without sponsoring of any kind,so I really appreciate comments from all of you. That is what keeps this blog going…
Please respect all artists and creative people anywhere!

I hope you will enjoy my writings and that you leave comments and questions.

You can contact me through mail: vega-j@outlook.com
All contents copyright 2013 Vegard Jønnevald
All or most of the material on this blog is self produced,unless otherwise noted. If anyone wishes to use pictures or text from this blog, please contact me first.

Thanks…Vegard J.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Vegard,

    fantasic website and fantastic flies. I have been looking at your page for several hours. That is a long time I found something so genuinly intereseting. I should be out fishing but a cold has put me to bed and your website just made my day. Thank you seo very much for that.

    Thomas Züllich

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