My first post on flies did not go exactly as planned. It has been such a long time that Ì have forgotten a lot about using wordpress. I will return with a step by step on these soon.

These flies are tied on the fantastic Partridge K12ST. I have also used Serafil-thread from The Silk Lady. The thread is great for spinning different materials in at the same time. Here I have used a combination of seals fur and cdc.

2 thoughts on “SeraCaddis…

  1. Hi, I’m an artist and would like to paint your work. I live in Troy, NY. I have followed you FB page, I have one of my own you might visit. I always give credit to the designer.tyer of the flies I paint. This is not a sales pitch, I just would like to paint the lures you tie.
    You blog is very tidy and packed with good, easy to read things. Teach you kid to post?
    Best regards,

    Jean Krueger

    1. Hello! Thanks for the kind words. You are free to paint the flies from the blog. I have not been very active the last year or so, but I plan to be again in the future.

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