4 thoughts on “A little break…

  1. antonio soares

    hi! Dont know if you’ll be bake in time. anyway I leave my plea for help.
    my name is antonio, im in portugal, planning one week flyfishing (mostly on dry flies) holllydays for trout and grayling and seriously considering norway as a destiny. It would be my first time in the country. But as times dont go easy, on the smallest budget possible. just saw your blog and find it impressive. Well away from the comercial mainstream that seems to shadow fly fishing allover the world. So here I am asking you for advise about the fishing in norway (,places, rivers, lodging conditions and prices, access to rivers) and other information you consider usefull.

    Best regards
    tight lines


    1. Hello, Antonio! Thank you for the nice comment. The fact that my blog is non-commercial is one of the reasons for the break. I do not wish to fill it with product rewievs and that sort of things.
      Nice to hear you are considering Norway. Try this page first: http://fishspot.no
      Also, I would mention the river Rena and these guys: http://www.renafiskecamp.no
      I hope this will help, or you could send me a mail:) Thanks again…

      1. antonio


        Thank you for the tips
        My plans so far point to the Rena area. Tell me what you think
        Stayng at Brutrøa Ferieleiligheter, at Finnstad, for a week (nice price) at the end of June, and fish the Unsetaa and the Rena (If you have information on other less known rivers in the area ito would be great). Also have plans to have a look at the Ljora and the Trysil (100 km +-). Can you give some advice on the licences issue. Should I buy them online now or should get I them when I get there. I have no idea if those rivers are very crowded. Never fished for grayling. I usually spend a week in ireland for trout. Any advise on flies?
        Thank You

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