Barrio Fly Lines…

Barrio Fly 2A few days ago I ordered three lines from Barrio Fly Lines, and today I recieved a package. Inside there were three nicely packaged fly lines. There was also a hand-written letter from Mike himself. When did you last see something like that? I find this so nice and rare I had to do a post on it. Such a nice gesture…

I must note that this is my first encounter with Barrio lines, but I am really looking forward to get them on the water. Reviews from sources that I trust sounds promising. Besides they look and feel great as well, not to mention the price range. I will also post a review sometime in the future…Thanks and best wishes to you, Mike:)

Check out Mike´s shop here:

4 thoughts on “Barrio Fly Lines…

      1. they’re all excellent. the GT90 is outstanding (it’s the only line that has a continuous taper from the back of the head to the backing knot) my go-to lines for any trout-type species.
        for the next time: the SLX model needs to be cast to believe… 😉

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