Nymph of the week – Zug Bug

Zug Bug

I am going to fish a lot more with nymphs this season,and I really like the appearance of the Zug Bug. The pattern was invented sometime in the 1930s by a fly tyer named Cliff Zug. It was intended to imitate a caddis larvae,but I think the fish will take it for a good meal anyway. My version is not exactly true to the original…this is a very popular pattern in the US,but not here in Scandinavia. I think it will be excellent for grayling in norwegian rivers and streams.

4 thoughts on “Nymph of the week – Zug Bug

    1. Thanks for the words. Sorry for the late answer.
      This is very true to the original pattern and pretty easy to tie.
      If you are a fly tyer it’s easy, if not you can get someone to make them.

      1. Vgardfly,

        Fly Tying is also a skill I have been working on. Your are right, this one I could actually tie. The front primary feather type by name is all required to begin.


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