Early/Late spring fishing…?


Yes,it is still feels like early spring here in Norway. The season is  delayed at least one month,and the ice still covers most of the lakes and tarns around my home. Everybody is eager to get started, but everything is put on hold for a little while longer. Still,we do try to go fishing. A bunch of members of my local fly fisherman club gathered along the banks of our “own” stream on thursday.

As mentioned before damsel patterns are among my best fish catchers. This is a variation I got from one of my friends. He has been quite successfull with this red eyed variant the last few seasons. He ties it in two variants,without or with rubber legs.

Damsel Red

Damsel Red Rubber


As one can see there are  still no leaves on the trees and the grass is still not green. The water temperature is about 4 degrees…this is not a normal spring!  

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