Little trip to Austin…

Austin PsychAustin Psych Fest…

Ever since I first started reading about fly fishing I have dreamt about going to the US. I always imagined that my first trip there would be with a fly rod in my hands. Now,my first trip to the US is a fact. The reason for me going there was actually not fly fishing,but the Austin Psych Fest,a music festival celebrating rock and psychedelic music. I did not have the time to do any fishing,but I had to do something fishy. That is why I went to Orvis Store,Austin. So after spending close to a hundred dollars on a taxi ride I ended up outside my first Orvis Store. Definately not good for my credit cards,but very good for the soul…I could have spent hours and a considerable amount of dollars in this place,but I actually got a bit stressed. This was  all a bit to much for me,and I could not think straight. I ended up buying a new fishing hat,leader material and some tying materials. I also ended up with  two rods. The new Orvis Clearwater series offers a serious quality for a reasonable amount of money. This was almost like coming home for me,since I have been fishing and selling Orvis stuff for many years. This visit renewed my faith in Orvis…for the sake of my bank accounts I did not spend a very long time in the shop,besides there were concerts waiting. I will return…

Orvis 3

Orvis,Austin…at the Arboretum. What a fantastic sight for a fisherman.

Orvis 2

This is what a fly shop should look like…

Orvis 1

A few rods on display…my heart skipped a beat and my palms were sweating, and the credit cards were burning.

Since we did not have the time to go fishing we tested the rods in the backyard…

Espen Fly 1

Espen – double hauling in an Austin backyard…Espen is actually a skilled fisherman.

Lars Fly 1

Lars – A fly casting study…this is a fly fisherman in the making!

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