Ephemera Emerging…

Vulg 1

This is a very good fly to have in your box…

Photo 00 05 14 29.01.12

On those warm and nice summer days when this suddenly happens…


And,this is the material you need. Mottlebou is simply mottled marabou. It has a great color scheme for imitations of the ephemera during the hatch. Combine it with hares ear for the thorax and a wingcase from cdc,and you will get one the most efficient imitations for this stage of the cyclus…you should definately try some of these this summer.

Vulg 2

4 thoughts on “Ephemera Emerging…

  1. last year several ff bloggers got together and did an everyday in May challenge, all about flies and fly fishing and personal experiences. Would you be interested in joining in on the challenge. It was fun, and it got many people interested and learning new things in the flyfishing world.

  2. Thank you yet again,P…I followed some of this project last year and found it very nice. I would very much like to participate,but may is a highly stressful month at work. I will need some more information on this before I can say for sure…that said, I am definately interested:)

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