Where did the man (mind) go…?

Where 2

My fishing hats are waiting,but there are still about 20cm of snow covering the fields and well below every night. Today I was planning to open the brown trout season in a nearby stream,but I was caught up in the coffee and cigarettes department this morning,so I guess they will have to wait a little longer. I am really supposed to tie flies to fill my own and the boxes of others with flies at this time of year. But,as always, I get out of focus and start tying something completely different. Same old story,I end up tying a couple of fun flies instead of the 20 Streaking Caddis I was supposed to…here´s a couple from today.

Ghostly 1




Spent Foam

And,one more…

Spent Yellow

4 thoughts on “Where did the man (mind) go…?

  1. Ole Petter Skilbred

    Kule spinnere Vegard, dette gir inspirasjon. Ser frem til å finne frem bindestikka igjen, og til en ny fiskesesong:)

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