Pure Laziness…

The other night I was at a very interesting presentation on sea-trout fishing. The man responsible was sea-trout/sea fishing expert Asgeir Alvestad,a well known figure in the norwegian angling community. He shared his wast knowledge and experience on this subject. One of the things was the color chart pictured below. The color chart is based on many years of catch records,both his own and a lot of other anglers. This is off course no final thruth,but it gives the angler a good hint on which color to choose in different water temperatures. The chart shows that on low water temperatures white is the preffered color of the trout. During the winter the predominant food of the sea-trout is smaller fish. That means herring,sprat and goby. Asgeir also advices anglers to fish the flies real slow in the winter.
Fargeskjema 1
Check out Asgeirs blog: http://www.eu.purefishing.com/blogs/no/asgeir-alvestad/ (Norwegian)

The pattern below will be my choice for the rest of this winter,an all white baitfish imitation. I intend to tie it in many sizes and different hooks,sometimes I might throw in some kind of flash material as well. I will then carry Pantone markers in red,blue,yellow,green,brown and black,then just color the fly when needed. I use a short shank hook and eyes of different sizes and colors. Large saltwater flies tends to be tied on short shank hooks,especially the ones with eyes. When there are eyes on a bait, the fish goes for the eyes in about 70% of the hits. So,out of pure laziness this will be the one fly until the sandworms appear. Maybe I´ll call it The Pantone General…

The GeneralThe Pantone General

My secret weapon…

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