The creative works of Staffan Lindstrøm…

Staffan cover

By kind permission of my friend Staffan Lindstrøm I will present, in random posts, some of his flies and try to share some of his ideas with you all. To me personally, he is definately one of the most influential tyers when it comes to creativity, discovering new materials and fly fishing philosophy. The photo shows him on the cover of his book “Bare ett kast til”. The book was published in 2001 and it represents what he stood for at the time, and still does…simplicity rules! Back in his early days he created very realistic flies. He even painted the nerves on mayfly wings.

At a certain point he figured out that the trout had a very bad ability to count, besides it`s eyesight and instincts have not changed much the last hundred years or so. That makes the old classics highly effective patterns. It is very hard to invent something new, the revolution and development of fly tying is mainly  in the choice and use of materials. I hope you will enjoy the future posts…

My copy of the book...

My signed copy of the book “Bare ett kast til”…

Night fishing

Staffan`s solution for night fishing and bad eyesight…(The photo is not the original. It is taken by me directly from the book.That explains the poor quality)

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