Daddy Long Legs…

The Daddy Long Legs is a crucial pattern when fishing in Scandinavia. When fishing high altitude lakes and stillwater in general it will also work very well as an attractor. The fly can be tied in numerous ways,with a vast variety of materials,and they´ll probably all be great fishing flies. The legs can also be made from many different materials. I do not think it is necessary to tie knots on quills,but it looks very nice. I have a great little tool for this purpose. Here´s a few suggestions…

This is close to the original pattern. Sort of the classic english tying style. Legs from pheasant,wings from hackle tips and a turkey quill body. I use the thread as ribbing to secure the quill body.

This is a more modern version with a foam body. Sometimes,when the wind is rough you´ll need the fly to float better,then foam is a good option. This one is tied by Kjell Karlsen.

Here is a version with extended abdomen made from micro-chenille,japanese organza for the wings and cdc hackle. The legs on this one are made from ozark turkey quills.

5 thoughts on “Daddy Long Legs…

  1. Hello Vegard;
    Thank you for your recent comment on my Victory Carrie Stevens streamer pattern, I appreciate it!
    These Daddy Long Legs, are very nicely tied flies. They appear to be what we over here call Crane Flies. Whenever they were about I always had great success with a simple Ginger Spider, the Catskill style, that Ray Bergman favored.
    Nice tying!

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