Heckham Peckham Green…

The Heckham Peckham is yet another pattern from Aberdeen fly dresser William Murdoch. Originally a sea-trout patter,but works great for trout. When the wind blows tall and the mayflies are hiding in the bushes this thing might to the trick. I choose to tie it with a seal fur body,altough many use floss. I think it´s a free choice and up to the eye of the tyer. I think it is one of the most beautiful classic wet flies. This is also tied in tribute to one of my mentors,Per Rune C.,as this was one of his favourite patterns back in the old days. I usually tie up a few for the season. Nice to have if the bad weather hits you in the mountains,besides there are also sentimental reasons to carry this pattern in my box.

3 thoughts on “Heckham Peckham Green…

  1. Per Rune Christoffersen

    Hello old bugger, …. nice of you to focus on this old pattern(and me), and it is correct, this was one of my favorite patterns for trout. I always tied these flies with seals fur….mostly red. In fact i still use it for salmon/seatrout in Bjerkreimselva .. Per Rune

  2. stevegalea6953

    It is a beautiful fly. And you are right, sometimes you just carry flies for sentimental reasons. For me, it’s a black ghost streamer

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