Sunday distractions…

The Purple

The Yellow

The Zulu

 The Traditional

Mr. M.Fauvet aka. the limp cobra constantly posts photos of all his very cool spiders and wet flies. This distracts my daily tying routine. I really enjoy this style of flies,but I do not have the time. I do not have the same cool hooks (yet),but I get inspired every time. Here is a few attempts in the art of wet flies. Thanks Marc!

I am planning on doing a series of tradtional wet flies this autumn. I want to focus mainly on norwegian classics.

4 thoughts on “Sunday distractions…

  1. nice, nice, nice and nice ! and the inspiration is coming back this way 😀
    as i had worked on a lot of ‘UK-style flashy reservoir-type flies over the last years and getting back to the ‘naturals’ i have been a little weary of too much light coming off of the fly but your Zulu looks like a catcher for sure and i’ll give it a try.
    please tell me what the Traditional’s body is ! me love !
    i’m looking forward to seeing your fall wet series.
    cheers and thanks for the kind words,

  2. Tahnk you,Marc! I have never really used flies with much flash and other synthetics in them. I find the Zulu to be a beautiful fly in its simplicity. I think I have used a holograpihic tinsel on this one. The body on the traditional wet is standard silver mylar tinsel with Lagartun rib. I need to do some research and planning. Don Bastian´s blog is a great well of knowledge as well…lots of things to keep the mind busy:)

  3. thanks for the info Vegard ! yes, Don is a big inspiration and i love reading his new posts in the morning while having the first cup of coffee 😀

    Traditional: this is a great example of how photos can be misleading. i would have sworn there was feather fibers would around the shank. which gives me an idea……. 😉

  4. As it should be,Marc! That was a very good idea…this could have been a grizzly stem. It might give a cool impression. I have used goose biots as ribbing,and it looks great on some patterns. Let´s try:)

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