A Pike Classic…

This is a picture of my friend,Marius,holding what I think was his first pike on the fly. The photo was taken sometime in the (early) 90´s. The fish was somewhere around 6 kg. He caught it on an old and very slow action 5 -weight rod if I remember correctly. We fished a local river called Falkumelva,it is a beautiful slow-flowing river not far from my home. lots of aquatic vegetation and nice surroundings.  A classic photo taken with Olympus OM1.

The following fly is also a classic. It was among the very first flies I used when fishing for pike,and it fooled many fish. This is a bit different from the original design. The pattern was first tied by an old colleague and friend named Per Rune. He originally used white strung marabou for the tail. In this the marabou is replaced by bucktail and arctic fox. I find it to be much more durable. This fly can be made stronger all the way through by tying  in a monofilament rib and securing with some sort of glue. It is also easy and cheap to tie and that makes it both a good pike fly and a good beginner´s tie.

Tie in some white bucktail as a tail. On this one I used red Nearnuff synthetics to add color. I also use a little bit of pearl flashabou,but not much. The fish in most local waters does not seem to like to much flash.

Tie in the largest grizzly feather you can find. Do not cut anything from the feather. Then tie in some pearl flash for the body. At this point the fly can be reinforced with glue or varnish. This is also where to tie in the mono (3x/4x) for the ribbing.

Then wind the flash roughly up to the eye of the hook. After this,wind the grizzly feather in palmer-style. Start building up a head using red tying thread,and remember to leave room for the eyes.

Secure the bead-chain with lots of thread.

 The finished fly. Not the most beautiful thing,but it has served us well for many years. It still does! Fish slowly…

5 thoughts on “A Pike Classic…

  1. Is that post for me or not? 🙂 Either way… thank you so much! Really useful information! I love the look of this fly… I’ll try to tie a few! What a great fish by the way… Early 90’s? Man! I was at elementary school at that time… Great post!

    Thanks again!

  2. Haha,but it has something to it…It´s clearly not a ground breaking pattern:) This was back when we first started pike fishing and this gigantic Magnus/Wooly Bugger did a great job. I found this photo the other day. It is both nice and strange to see such old pictures…

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