National Day…?

It is sort of tradition for me to go fishing on the national day. Today I had another excuse as well. I was testing my new Scott G2 884 for the first time. I have loaded the reel with a Scientific Angler VPT. This combination worked extremely well. The rod equals to my definition of a true fishing rod. It casts with accuracy and rolls over fairly long leaders/tippets. The presentation is excellent and the rod delivers high precision casts. It also roll casts very easy. This is not the rod to choose if you are fishing heavy nymphs or streamers. This is for delicate presentations and delicate situations. The wind blew strong at times today, but even then the combo delivered more than I expected. I should say that I am not linked to or sponsored by anyone. Looking forward to a great summer casting this beautiful rod and this great line.

I also managed to fool a small brownie. It fell for a Wiltshire Emerger.

2 thoughts on “National Day…?

  1. Thanks! It has been a long time since I bought a new rod. This one is just fantastic…the VPT line is a whole “new” line design. It presents like a dream…

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