Tying and fishing ant patterns is great fun. It all starts in late spring/early summer here in Norway. When the sun starts heating the forest bed and the stones around the lake ants start to move around. They crawl around on the warm stone often falling down into the water. Sometimes they are caught by the wind. The fish are always interested in an ant. They are an easy prey besides being an important source of protein for the fish. I use several different patterns for this kind of fishing situations. Flying ants are the largest and it seems like the fish prefer them to the common ants. Here is a few of my patterns…Ants also work great as a general attractor all season.
This one is made with standard Fly Rite and a spun body of cdc and rabbit guard hairs. Clear antron for the wing.

The classic style of tying the common ant. Black Fly Rite and brown rooster hackle with rusty UNI. Black flying ant with hackle clipped top/bottom. It is hard to get the right kind of foam for this fly.
Brown flying ant with legs of brown deer hair. Wing of clear antron.

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