A conservation project…

This stonefly nymph pattern was one of the first flies I learned to tie. It is also the fly I landed my first trout on.

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The other day we went to a little stream very close to my home. This is the stream where I presented my first flies to a trout. I spent an enormous amount of time along this little forest stream. The last couple of years the local fly fishermans club has taken this on as a conservation project. The fish is usually very small, but now they try to make the size of the fish increase. There are stories about really nice trout being landed last summer, so it is safe to say that things are going in the right direction. This day there were a lot of stoneflies and a fair amount of mayflies in the air, but few fish rising. In other words, I caught nothing. The fish here is pretty difficult to catch despite it´s size. I tried a lot of different flies, but nothing. What I thought was a rise turned out to be a frog. It also seems like people are very interested in this project as there were many anglers fishing the river this day. A big thank you to Terje and all the others who puts a lot into this conservation project.

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