The Dun Deal…




In my early years of fly tying I thought that parachute patterns was the best imitation for the dun stage. That was also what I learned from the magazines,books and the more experienced anglers I knew. The truth is that a parachute fly really imitates the change from nymph to dun. It also works great as a drowned dun in rough waters or weather conditions. I find myself fishing the emergers and spent spinners way more than I do the dun stage. To our eyes the parachute may look as the perfect imitation for a dun, but it’s really not.
That’s why I carry a bunch of classic hackled flies in my boxes,in addition to parachutes and all the other oddballs I may create during the winter. I absolutely prefer the Catskill patterns for this purpose,but using ordinary dubbing and antron yarn in the wings makes it easier and faster to tie. I find this style of flies to be very durable as well as easy for the beginner. I normally tie the wing using V-style, but don’t make them to thick, as this will disturb the balance of the fly. If desireable one can use fluorescent color for the wing. It seems to mean nothing to the fish…

11 thoughts on “The Dun Deal…

  1. thanks for a nice read. really nice points on fly design and lovely flies !
    i can’t remember the last time i read something in a magazine that wasn’t just ‘copied and pasted’…

  2. Thanks,Marc…I really appreciate your comments! As you said earlier, it makes it worth while. In my work as a teacher I just have to realize(and face) that we live in a “copy/paste” society.

  3. Haha, I think you manage allright! I guess I could pass as a swede in at least parts of Sweden, but I would not be comfortable teaching it;) Swedish and norwegian is not that hard…? You know Barry,right? He speaks norwegian fluently. Always remember, it is possible:)

    1. i guess if barry can, anyone can… 😆
      speaking of, we were tying together at the Stockholm fair and he gave me some super-sweet thin zonker strips for mini-streamers. i’m off to go find them and see if any inspiration happens !
      cheers !

    1. thanks, i really appreciate it and will let you know in the future. Barry gave me quite a selection that should do well for for at least a year’s worth of flies 🙂
      it’s hard to answer your question because i have so many holes in my brains… but i seem to remember opossum, kangaroo, a whole bunch of other skins for tying i’ve never heard of before and maybe some baby panda. (just kidding ! :mrgreen: )

  4. Anytime,Marc! The store we get it from is in our town. There is a lot of high quality strips, also excellent cross-cut, in stock…it will last for a long time. I like coypu…whatever that is:)

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