6 thoughts on “Big Trout…

  1. Arnt Mollan is a great film maker! I have both his DVD about fly fishing (Fly fishing in Greenland + The Brown Trout and the Mayfly) and I always enjoy watching them. I love his work!

    Thank you for posting this video, Vegard. I haven’t seen it!

  2. Helge Boyesen

    I am gonna fish that river in early June. At that time the the big trout migrates up in the river from the lake Bandak to feed on a small parasitic kind of eel wich we call “bekkenioye”. It is 10 to 13cm long and appears in great numbers at that time for spawning. I`ll tie an imitation of it and hopefully provide you with some pictures of big norwegian trout afterwards. This lake and river wich is called Tokkeai, has been visited by fishermen from Germany, France, USA and England as early as 1850. It was known troughout the world for its huge trout but has been forgotten; even among us living close to it. Kings and emprors has visited the place and stayed at Dalen Hotel.http://www.dalenhotel.no/index.php/lang-no/om-dalen-hotel.html
    You will get a full report after my trip to the lake/river.

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