First trip of the season…


Today we went on the first real trip of the season. The weather was cloudy and the wind was strong and cold. There were no fish rising so we tried different damsel nymphs. A total of five fish were landed before I left. Most of the fish weighed around 500g. As usual the weather got better when I was heading home. I guess Ole and Kristian manages to land a few more this evening…


Ole Petter in action. The fish was around 500g.


As you can see the fish has not been feeding that much and is still thin after the long winter.


A beautiful trout…


The catch and release net is working very well.


Kristian is about to land yet another spring trout.

3 thoughts on “First trip of the season…

  1. Hello Vegard;
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, and also thanks for posting my blog here on your site. I appreciate it! The first day out fishing is always a special day! I enjoyed reading your blog a bit,and these are some very beautiful browns you caught here! Nice photos and flies! Cheers!

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