Swimming Pupaes…



The swedish pattern Superpuppan have always been my weapon of choice for swimming caddis pupaes. Some species of caddis rises to the surface and swims to find something to hatch on.
I thought it was time for a change and after being inspired by the works of Matt Grobert I designed this one. The fish can sometimes lock itself totally on the swimming pupaes, even when adults are abundant. I hope this will do the job just as well as the Superpuppan. The key element is the front of the fly which should cause a lot of movement. I don´t think it matters wheter or not you add the antennas, but they do look nice in the box. I think the trigger on this fly is movement.
Pattern as follows:

Hook: Your choice
Rear abdomen: Synthetic dubbing mixed with hares ear
Front: CdC spun with a peacock herl

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