Matt´s Gnat Possum

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. A few days ago M.Fauvet(The Limp Cobra) posted a tying video by Matt Grobert. Never heard of him and have never seen the technique he uses for spinning peacock herl with fur or other material. I got inspired and carried away. Check out Matt Grobert´s YT-channel or go to: Special thanks to Mr.Fauvet!


Peacock & Duck


MG Nymph



The Wire


The Black One


The Red One


Matt´s Gnat Snowshoe


Matt´s Gnat CdC

6 thoughts on “Inspiration…

  1. super-lovely and very buggy ties there !
    reading comments such as yours and seeing the results make it all worthwhile and only further my desire to share the things of interest i find and my own stuff for a long time.
    thank you my friend : )

  2. Thank you both very much! I think the blogging community is great. People are very skilled and they share their ideas, solutions, patterns, photos and moods. I need input as well, Marc. I have been doing this for a long time too and I need learn new stuff to keep going. The best thing is that fly fishing and fly tying will keep you occupied for a lifetime,,,it is impossible to become an this game. Keep up your good work. Again, thank you for words and comments…

  3. Awesome stuff! That’s what fly tying and fishing is all about. Everyone one of those will take fish. Let me know how they work in your locale. Matt G

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