The Return of The Flymph…

There is a lot of talk about flymphs on different blogs these days, so I thought I´d join in. Flymphs was an important part of my early years of tying. Soft-hackles, spiders & flymphs are all easy to tie, they are simple and beautiful flies. The term flymphs was introduced by Vernon S.”Pete” Hidy. I got my introduction from the great swedish tyer Lennart Bergquist. I have not fished them that much the last seasons. Depending on size and colour this fly may imitate several hatching insects. I enjoy the sense of belonging to a tradition I get when I fish these flies. There is a certain ancient aura to them. They are also very easy and cheap to tie, so they are great for a beginner. I also found this great site about flymphs,spiders and soft-hackles:

The flies pictured here are the ones that are going to fill a corner of my box this summer:


Possum Flymph


Quill Flymph


Black & Red Flymph


Hare´s Ear Flymph

7 thoughts on “The Return of The Flymph…

  1. Thanks again! The hackle is just ordinary indian hen. I bought a lot of them years ago, they have very nice colouring. The hook is TMC 206BL…a super and aesthetic barbless hook. Same with me, I used to fish these flies a lot and caught lots of fish on them. I am going to give them a revival this year.

  2. Vergardfly, thanks for the reference to my site. I have enjoyed being a part of a group of devoted Flymph fishermen, and if you’ve been on, you know there are quite a few who enjoy fishing and exploring the extent of their applications, as well as the history of the flies, Jim Leisenring and Pete Hidy. I have a lot planned for the site, and have been slow in fleshing out all the information I would like to include. Honestly the list grows faster than the site is updated. I’ll get there. Thanks again for the comments. I love seeing your flymphs and expect you’ll do very well. Your flies remind me of a blend between the North Country Spiders and Flymphs, which is exactly where I tend to find my own leanings. A more sparse body, longer hackle Flymph.

    Please keep your excellent work on this site. I look forward to following your progress on such a broad number of topics.



  3. Vergardfly,
    You have chosen a very good site to show off what can be done with these flies. Your flies are equally wonderful. I have been tying and fishing these flies for many years, and using and tying them never grows old.

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  5. Those are nice flymphs, Vegard! Very nice, and of course, they’ll take fish. There was an event here in the states on 25 May at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum; a panel of tiers tying flymphs, including Pete Hidy’s son, Lance. Good post and nice flies!

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