Marabou Damsel Nymph…


There must be thousands of damsel nymph variants out there, but this one is in a league of its own. This pattern is designed by Gary Borger. It is by far the most succsesfull damsel nymph I have ever fished. The fly is almost magical in my opinion. Damsel nymphs are available to the fish all the time, but it is during hatches they are most effective. There is also something magical about peacock herl as a component. This fly swims and wiggles just like the natural. The following is what GB says about damsel nymphs:

“Damsel nymphs are very strong swimmers, moving through the water with a strong side to side sweeping motion of the abdomen and tails. They don’t rip along like minnows might, but they certainly show plenty of action as they head from the weeds beds of the lake to the shore, or a rock, or a log, or a reed, or an angler, and there to crawl out before the adult emerges.” (

If you are fishing stillwater in Norway it is crucial to carry imitations of damsels and dragon flies in your box. The nymph is active all the time and during hatches they can appear in large numbers.

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