The Mop Caddis…


I was walking, almost like a zombie, through a store that I had no interest in the other day when I saw very green thing in the corner of my eye. I was thinking bodies for caddis immediately. The thing I saw is some sort of mop for dusting. I just cut one of and burn it lightly to shape the body. Then I use Pantone to add colour. I´m going to make peeping caddis out of this “material” as well. The thing was set to about one dollar…and there are lots of bodies on it.


3 thoughts on “The Mop Caddis…

  1. Ok, so it’s not only me trying to think of a tying material use on every item (wool carpets, scarfs etc…). There are others crazy as well! 😀 Nice pattern Vegard and nice name too!

    I bought a black and white peruke from a store at halloween… to use it for tail fibers on mayflies patterns.

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