Deer Hair & Caddis to go…

These are two of the best imitations for adult caddis in my box. The Elk Hair Caddis is famous all over the world and works extremly well. The other pattern,Nelson Caddis, is not in that many fly boxes. In my time I have seen it only a few times in the boxes of other tyers. I use this one for the larger caddis and when river fishing. It floats very well and the fish love it. I have lots of good memories with fly…It deserves to be fished!

3 thoughts on “Deer Hair & Caddis to go…

  1. Kjell Karlsen

    I learned to tie Nelson Caddis in 1988 by Paal Krogvold when we fished in Rena River. A very good fly for throut and grayling. I use this fly in different sizes from 8 to 14. I think we tied this fly together in old days Vegard.

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