Glue Stick Fun…

Glue sticks are a lot of fun and can be used in many ways in fly tying. The ant pattern is one I have used for many years. I sometimes replace the hackle with cdc. Recently I have started using glue sticks to make eyes for saltwater patterns as well. If you want to you can strengthen them with varnish or epoxy. Simple and fast to make. The Kostis Hot-Spot is just made for fun. Kostis is the flyfisherman from Greece who runs the blog. I recommend to check it out. The pattern is based on a picture from his blog.  Experiment now!

One thought on “Glue Stick Fun…

  1. I liked the post before I read the text… Those are really interesting flies to tie and fish. I have never used glue sticks before. Definitely have to try it!

    I really love the 2nd and the 5th photo!

    Thank you for posting this !

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