The midge, the spring & the trout 1…

The spring in Norway is a fantastic time of the year. After a long, dark and cold winter we can finally start fishing for browns again. Fishing midges is great fun, but often extremely difficult. Even the smallest fish gets very selective and hard to catch. Sometimes the fish focus on colour, sometimes size or the way the midge acts on the water. It might take the fully developed insect or only feed on the hatching pupaes. Fine and long tippets are the rule. I fish only directly on rising fish. I do not care about the size of the fish, the sport is the most important thing in this game. I have used a lot of different patterns over the years, some stay with me and some is replaced by new ones. In my next posts I will focus on different midge patterns. It is only our imagination that stops us when tying midge imitations.

These are some of my favourite patterns. They are tied on the beautiful TMC 2488 sz.18.

2 thoughts on “The midge, the spring & the trout 1…

  1. Thanks! My plan was to post a lot of patterns at the same time, but to much work this week stopped it. I will post some more this weekend. You can fish brown trout all year except during spawning in the autumn. The best time for fly fishing is of course the summer from may and through the autumn. In the mountains it depends on how harsh the winter has been. Most salmon rivers open in may/june. I don´t fish salmon a lot, just when I get invited. During winter and spring I fish sea-trout in saltwater…

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