Burn after tying…

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Some find it hard to secure the thread when tying muddlers or in this case the Streaking Caddis. The Streaking Caddis was created by the swedish master Lennart Bergquist. It is probably the most popular imitation for large caddis in Scandinavia.

I sometimes cut the tip of a plastic glove and use it to hide the deer hair. The photos are not shown in the right order in the slideshow. Sorry! You´ll understand anyway.

I must have tied thousands of this pattern. To make it a bit easier I use a lighter to burn the head into shape rather than use scissors. It  is much faster, but it gives of a strange smell! After a little practice you can shape the head in any form you like. I use this technique on all deer hair flies. Just brush the remains of the head after burning…

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