Getting things done…

When I was younger I could easily tie up to a 100-150 flies of pattern during a day. I cant seem to do that anymore. Yesterday was supposed to a production day but yet again it turned out to be nothing like it. Maybe it is because I don´t neeed the money that bad anymore? Maybe it is because my girlfriend had a serious spring clean of the house and called my name a thousand times during the tying session…Everytime she (or other normal people) comes to my tying room they think it looks like total chaos. She says it is a mess. And yes, she is right, but for me there is creativity in the chaos. I know where most of the different materials and hooks are. Believe it or not…I have a system! One of my greatest heroes in fly tying, Staffan Lindstrøm, once said to me that if he were to have a system in his tying equipment he would loose his creativity. Since that day I have followed that philosophy…

2 thoughts on “Getting things done…

  1. Hey, that is EXACTLY what I say when they see my room ! I know where every tini tiny material is, even if its under a houndred others. I cleared the whole ‘mess’ yesterday, because I have a lot of studying lately and I have no desk to read/write, but I know as soon as I place the vice on my desk again it wont take more than a night for that mess to come out again ! 😀

    I like that Staffan Lindstrøm quote …

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