I intended to produce a lot of flies for a customer today. Instead I ended up tying these impressions of a damsel and a Long Legs. The trout in my area seems to be more interested in eating the female damsels but when there is a lot of them they feed on both genders. Tying this way makes the flies light and they should give a lifelike impression to the trout. Both species are very important on the trouts menu during hot summer days. Now…back to gold head production!

2 thoughts on “Impressions…

  1. You know, yesterday, I was tying assorted lake patterns for this Spring. I was lost in one of those daydreams recalling a special spot and a special moment. The spot is this back bay on a lake. It is quiet back up at the end. No one is ever there. There is a brush pile/wood debris sunken and slightly protruding. Often when I go up in there, I will see a sizable swirl of a big fish that must use the pile for cover. Several years ago, I went up there two mornings. Each time, I cast a damsel dry near the pile and both times the take was big and I lost both fish. Sizable tippets snapped. I always think of that spot. Thanks for reminding me again with your female damsel pattern. Best wishes….


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