Fly Tying…

My local angling club has done great things for the angling community in my area for many decades.  This club has its own group dedicated to fly fishing called “Fluegruppa”. It is where I got my first lessons in fly tying and all things related to the art of fly fishing. Many of its members gathers every thursday during the winter months to tie flies. There is a lot af very talented and skilled people in this group. They share ideas and teach beginners their secrets. And of course, as where all anglers get togheter, they tell a few lies as well.  The group also manages a small local stream. I used to work in a local angling shop for many years and got used to see these people all the time. It has been a long time since I´ve seen them and it was great meeting some of them  again this evening. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from todays session. Special thanks to Terje for a crash course in photography!

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